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Safebridge, a Hamburg-based company training international commercial shipping navigators since, with SafeYacht extends its portfolio to recreational boating. SafeYacht is a cross-platform application which uses the e-learning methodology as a unique feature and gives the access to the software of the final device.
More than a training software
A new online training enables sailors and motor boat drivers to deal with their navigation systems as thoroughly like professionals on large vessels. SafeYacht represents more than a limited training software on a laptop - it is both a stand-alone app and a web-based course permitting access to servers of hardware manufacturers B&G, Simrad and Lowrance. The user trains in "FreePlay" mode using the manufacturer's original software.

Why a navigation course for multiple devices?
Modern electronics has made navigation safe, even at dead of night. However, navigation programs may contain error sources for those who do not master the technology. These error sources did not exist in the age of compass and sextant. One example is the spectacular grounding of the "Vestas Wind" racing yacht on a reef in the Indian Ocean which would have been obvious on a paper chart. The main idea of e-learning with SafeYacht is to learn and train on a system one has to deal with later on board. "Intuitive" trial by error on an unfamiliar chartplotter is made obsolete by the SafeYacht course. All common chartplotters are part of SafeYacht's product range.

Professional navigation as a role model
Professional navigators - from captain to third officer - are allowed to report for duty on board only after providing evidence of a training having prepared them for the navigation system on their vessel's bridge.

On most vessels, these so-called ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System) have meanwhile replaced paper charts on board, however, technical requirements are strict. Thus hard- and software must be available twice, and bridge personnel needs to be specially trained for the respective systems. This may be done online or via distance learning, since navigators are often still at sea or abroad while preparing for their next duty on board with an updated ECDIS.

Even if the same programs are often running on different systems their application needs to be trained on the hardware. When first leaving port, each move has to be perfect - there is no time for testing.

Since, Safebridge GmbH offers certified training for professional navigators all over the world. During the training simulators and ECDIS are accessed online. These training always include a remote test with which the course is successfully completed.

The SafeYacht course
With SafeYacht professional instructors launch their training for sport skippers. The course provides a (voluntary) test which determines the trainee's level of knowledge. The entire knowledge which belongs to the operation of the chartplotter is repeated in individual units, including three hours of video animation. Each unit may be repeated any number of times. Written text is offered in addition to the animated screen, and units may be downloaded and saved. A glossary is available as well. The trainee may therefore train offline and when online will access the server where a virtual chartplotter with the manufacturer's software can be operated, Safeyacht is learning by doing.

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